July 17, 2004

I have the best job in the world!!!

I’ve never truly appreciated the wonders of working at a hotel spa & gym until this morning. Adrienne and I found ourselves out with friends painting the town red until the wee hours of the morning (I believe we finally parted ways around 4:30AM) and I had to be at work bright and early at 7AM. So, rather than lose another hour of precious sleep by taking the subway home, I went straight to work. Unlocked the gym. Crept into the massage room and passed out on the table for 2 hours before waking up still drunk, showering in the locker-room and then opening the gym up at 7AM. I’m sensing a Friday night ritual! This could be trouble. The best part is that my job requires no actual thought (a trained chimp could do it) and so I can sit here with a dull headache, still partially intoxicated and it has no bearing on my productivity. Yeah!

Posted by Clint at July 17, 2004 09:57 AM

you know i'll probably be friendly to people in the morning if i'm still a little tipsy :)

Posted by: Adrienne on July 17, 2004 01:54 PM

You two are crazy

Posted by: nuala on July 17, 2004 02:36 PM

That sounds like so much fun!

Posted by: cody on July 17, 2004 05:46 PM