October 16, 2004

A lesson in patience...

[phone rings]

Me: “Casting.”

Hoochie Mama: “How can I get on [TV Show]? I wanna be a acta.”

Me: “Do you have representation?”

Hoochie Mama: “Whassss daaaaat?”

Me: “An agent. Do you have an agent?”

Hoochie Mama: “MMMMmmmm [sucks her teeth] Naaaaaa. I ain’t gots one. Can you help me gets one?”

Me: “I’m sorry miss, but we’re a casting office, I can’t help you unless you’ve got an agent already.”

Hoochie Mama: “Well how do I gets one?”

Me: “Go pick up a Ross Reports and mail out your headshot to agents and hopefully someone will call you and sign you.”

Hoochie Mama: “Wherez do I git one uh dem Ross Reeeportses?”

Me: “Try the Drama Book Shop in midtown. Miss, I really have to-”

Hoochie: “Hey, do you guys do dat Sex on the City Show?”

Me: “Um, no miss, we don’t. Besides, that show is no longer filming. Now, miss, I really have to-”

Hoochie Mama: “Das a shame, cuz I’da been good fuh dat wun”

Me: “Um, yeah, that is a shame. Well I’ve really got go. Best of luck to you.”

Hoochie Mama: “MMmmm. Thanks fuh yor help. Bye.”

Posted by Clint at October 16, 2004 10:17 AM

and then the stupid bitch called the Law and Order office and had the EXACT same conversation with their assistants.

its better than calling the actual talent agents where the conversation goes something like this:

Hoochie: "So uhhh...I wanna like act."

Agent's assistant: "Good for you." CLICK..and the line goes dead.

Posted by: ady on October 17, 2004 09:05 AM