May 24, 2005

I look like a [bleep]'in Blueberry!!!

I am pleased to announce that the three comedic geniuses behind the late great MTV sketch comedy show “The State” and the cult classic movie “Wet Hot American Summer,” have a new show that will be premiering on Comedy Central on June 28th. The show is called “Stella” and it is written, executive produced, and starring, Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, and David Wain. It’s based on a comedy show they’ve been perfoming in downtown Manhattan for about 8 years. The writing is hysterical, the guest stars have been amazing so far, and most importantly, I’m the casting assistant on the project. Anyway, tune in on June 28th to check it out on Comedy Central. If anyone wants anymore info on the show, there’s a site that one of the fans of the live show put up. It’s here

As a side note, did anyone who catch Lindsay Lohan on SNL this past week? I almost peed my pants laughing during the Appalachian Emergency Room sketch when she kicks her leg up while doing a cheerleading routine, yelps in pain, and declares, “I think I popped my cooter bone.” I almost died laughing.

Posted by Clint at May 24, 2005 11:05 AM

You can see some previous Stella shorts here.

Posted by: sean on May 24, 2005 03:51 PM

You can also see a clip from the pilot episode here

Posted by: Clint on May 24, 2005 06:34 PM