March 31, 2004

The Countdown Has Begun!!!

So I am officially 7 weeks away from receiving my meaningless piece of paper that represents the meaningless degree I earned that no longer applies to the career I'm pursuing! Snaps for me!

And, while I sit at my window watching the cold rain patter against the pane, I am comforted to know that in just 8 short weeks I'll be roasting on a beach in Hawaii. Ah, it's these lazy day-dreams that are helping me keep my sanity!!!

Posted by Clint at 08:21 PM

Just put your lips together and blow...

I had a moment last night, where I realized how ecstatic I was that I gave up acting.

As I'm watching an entire troup of actors run around a stage, their arms outstretched as though they're airplanes; their lips pursed together forcing obscene amounts of spittle to escape their lips as they imitate the sound of a jet propeller. Somehow, this is supposed to help them tap into their "character." It's supposed to help them in their "process." To help them find an unltimate "truth." I found myself stifling laughter as I remembered that these people and their parents were spending how many thousands of dollars a year in tuition so that they could do exercises that I used to do when I was four watching Romper-Room. I sat in the back of the theatre with the tech crew and laughed my ass off!

Posted by Clint at 10:48 AM

March 30, 2004

So here goes nothing...

So Adrienne finally convinced me that I need to start my own blog here. We both agreed that I need to carve out my own little hateful area in cyberspace in which to ramble on about people and things that piss me off as well as anything else I feel is worth mentioning. Hopefully you'll find it entertaining, and if not, well then piss off!!! =)

Posted by Clint at 12:27 PM