August 22, 2005

The Miss Education of Jenna Bush...

Pardon while I take a moment to toot my boyfriend's horn and not in the disgusting way you're all thinking right now you perverts.

David, that's my boyfriend's name, is a very talented costume designer and his new show premiered about two weeks ago at the New York International Fringe Festival to stellar reviews. It's been getting amazing press. The New York Times, The Daily News, The Associated Press,, People Magazine. It's called The Miss Education of Jenna Bush It's been such a critical success and the most exciting thing is that it's looking like it might transfer Off-Broadway and follow in the footsteps of other NY Fringe Festival success stories like "Urinetown" and "Matt and Ben." It's a one woman show starring Melissa Rauch (she went to college with David and I and is now a correspondent on VH1's Best Week Ever). Melissa plays Jenna on the evening before she starts teaching elementary school. The show has it's fair share of Bush-bashing but Melissa, who co-wrote the piece with her boyfriend Winston, manages to bring some heart into the piece also showing Jenna as an un-sure 20-something who's out of excuses and ways to avoid being an adult. It manages to be hysterically funny and at time touching without being completely cliche. Anyway, I just thought I'd share because I'm so proud of David's success with the show as well as all of our friends. Almost everyone invoved from the director to the stage manager to the set and lighting designers are people that we went to college with which is so cool because they're all so young. Below is a press shot from opening night. The entire production staff, as a joke, decided to dress up as secret service men. David's in the back row, 2nd from the right. Anyway, that's it.


Posted by Clint at 06:21 PM