October 20, 2004

I'm such a nerd...

...because I'm so excited about this.


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October 16, 2004

A lesson in patience...

[phone rings]

Me: "Casting."

Hoochie Mama: "How can I get on [TV Show]? I wanna be a acta."

Me: "Do you have representation?"

Hoochie Mama: "Whassss daaaaat?"

Me: "An agent. Do you have an agent?"

Hoochie Mama: "MMMMmmmm [sucks her teeth] Naaaaaa. I ain't gots one. Can you help me gets one?"

Me: "I'm sorry miss, but we're a casting office, I can't help you unless you've got an agent already."

Hoochie Mama: "Well how do I gets one?"

Me: "Go pick up a Ross Reports and mail out your headshot to agents and hopefully someone will call you and sign you."

Hoochie Mama: "Wherez do I git one uh dem Ross Reeeportses?"

Me: "Try the Drama Book Shop in midtown. Miss, I really have to-"

Hoochie: "Hey, do you guys do dat Sex on the City Show?"

Me: "Um, no miss, we don't. Besides, that show is no longer filming. Now, miss, I really have to-"

Hoochie Mama: "Das a shame, cuz I'da been good fuh dat wun"

Me: "Um, yeah, that is a shame. Well I've really got go. Best of luck to you."

Hoochie Mama: "MMmmm. Thanks fuh yor help. Bye."

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