July 25, 2004

Granny Dykes on Bikes

I know its way after pride, but she's just too fantastic not to post.


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July 17, 2004

I have the best job in the world!!!

I've never truly appreciated the wonders of working at a hotel spa & gym until this morning. Adrienne and I found ourselves out with friends painting the town red until the wee hours of the morning (I believe we finally parted ways around 4:30AM) and I had to be at work bright and early at 7AM. So, rather than lose another hour of precious sleep by taking the subway home, I went straight to work. Unlocked the gym. Crept into the massage room and passed out on the table for 2 hours before waking up still drunk, showering in the locker-room and then opening the gym up at 7AM. I'm sensing a Friday night ritual! This could be trouble. The best part is that my job requires no actual thought (a trained chimp could do it) and so I can sit here with a dull headache, still partially intoxicated and it has no bearing on my productivity. Yeah!

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July 15, 2004

Angels receives record breaking 21 Emmy noms

Angels In America garnered 21 nomination including:

Best casting for a mini-series (you're damned right!)
Best Director (Mike Nichols)
Outstanding lead actor (Al Pacino)
Outstanding lead actress (Emma Thompson)
Best supporting actress (Mary-Louise Parker)
Outstanding supporting actor (Patrick Wilson)
Outstanding mini-series
Best writing (Tony Kushner)

Alias garnered 8 nominations including:
Best actress (Jennifer Garner)
Best supporting actor (Victor Garber)

Who else is sickened by the fact that there are now two reality television categories. Outstanding reality program and Outstanding reality-competition program. Most people called those gameshows. Ed McMahon should be screaming for his duly awarded emmy's for starsearch in the 80s.

Angels broke the record previously held by Band of Brothers who received 19 nominations. Woo Hoo!

Complete list of nominations in PDF Format

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July 13, 2004

Pita Bread and Dirty Panties

Adrienne and I had quite the interesting day on Sunday. A brand new pita place, called "Pita Pan" has finally opened in our neighborhood. First Jamba Juice and then this. Affordable healthy food choices are finally becoming available. We are just too excited. Our expanded asses are thanking us.

Then we were hanging out in my apartment (which as mentioned before is upstairs from Adrienne) when my neighbor across the hall ran into David, my boyfriend, on his way home and invited her over. She works as a computer programmer and she tells us that she's been laid off and she's picked up a very interesting side job to pay her bills. Apparently she's hooked up with a website who pays her to send her dirty panties to them so that they can turn around and sell them to fetishists. Get this, she gets paid $75 for a pair that she just wears for the day and a whopping $100 for a pair that she works out in. It's all comletely anonymous. No pictures, nothing. Then she says she has to go to the gym and pay her rent. Adrienne and I didn't quite know what to think about it. We just kept thinking, "She gets paid to go to the gym." How great is that?

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July 12, 2004

This is prize-ful...

Way to go GOP.
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